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About Us: About Us

Shipping Policy

Please allow 1-2 days of processing time due to the products being made to order. This is done to ensure your products are fresh and you get the most use out of the product(s) shelf life. Allow 3-5 business days for shipping. In the event you do not receive your package in 4-7 business days, please contact us.

Letter From the CEO

Take 15 LLC was created through personal experiences of neglecting my personal needs for school, family, friends, work, etc. The world around us moves at such a fast pace that many people, including myself, forget to set aside time for themselves. Upon my breaking point, I decided to make self-care a priority by giving myself at least 15 minutes a day to unwind through both home-made and store bought products. I found myself less agitated, anxious, and able to better perform at both work and school.

Take 15 LLC strives to provide healthy, hand-made products to fit different self-care needs for both men and women. Along with providing products, I want to share my personal journey to self-care with my customers to remind them of the importance and fun that comes with self care. You do not have to stress through college, work, or any other important moments in life in order to be or feel successful. Taking 15 minutes a day to unplug from technology and responsibilities has made a world of a difference for me and I challenge people to incorporate the same routine in their daily lives. Make the catch phrase of Take 15 LLC your personal goal:


Make Self-Care A Priority

Please feel free to share how you spend your 15 minutes of down time and the impact it has made on you! For custom or wholesale order inquiries, contact us using the "Contact Us" button below.

Returns and Refunds

We are currently not accepting returns on our products, but customer satisfaction is important here at Take 15. Please contact us directly with any concerns or complaints so proper action can be taken.

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